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Leading small business lease financing site transformation with lead generation, digital application, client and partner portals.

The Challenge

This working capital firm sought a complete rebranding and site overhaul. As part of the new site, they needed a more user-friendly system for helping applicants calculate their loan rates and select the right funding plans. Internal loan experts were manually typing and routing applications through multiple systems. Amur sought to replace this cumbersome process with a streamlined sales funnel that routed and tracked each lead automatically.

Sourcetop’s Solution

We began by migrating all existing users and partners from their existing Drupal platform to Wordpress while wireframes and design was underway. In addition to a facelift, the application workflow and data collection requirements increased requiring extensive API work with Amur's internal Salesforce team in order to strengthen engagement and increase Amur’s loan application rate.

As the centerpiece of this new site, we developed an interactive quote tool using real-time rates, that enables prospective loan applicants to calculate loan plans and choose a plan that fits their needs. We created a code snippet for Amur partners to place on their site for a seamless estimating experience directly on the partner’s website.

All loan calculators embedded in Amur’s partners’ sites are tied back into Amur’s acquisition system via a custom backend, which automatically organizes incoming loan applications, and routes lead data to Salesforce. That means Amur’s loan experts are now equipped to follow up on each lead, and track it throughout the deal pipeline, without ever having to manually enter data.

“I would recommend Sourcetop to any company looking to create transformative change in a digital world.”
Jacklynn Manning
Vice President Marketing

The Results

Amur’s new branding and refined application process has drawn a new wave of loan applicants, who’ve been strongly engaged by the loan calculator tool embedded in partners’ sites. No matter where each loan application process begins, Amur’s loan specialists can track, monitor and follow up in an orchestrated way – and the result has been a significant increase in completed loan contracts.