Sourcetop modernizes


Using PubPortal to modernize a site for a social and mobile audience.

Since 1945, EBONY magazine has shined a spotlight on the worlds of Black people in America and worldwide. Over the years they have had multiple versions of their website, but with an increasingly mobile audience and a bloated site users could not even get Ebony to load at times.

Sourcetop took new designs focused on custom covers and high recirculation modules, and rebuilt a mobile first site utilizing the PubPortal platform. With a wide variety of blocks, each with multiple configuration options, editors and designers have a lot of flexibility but constrained to brand standards while keeping page performance high.

Using our proprietary Safetag brand safety plugin, Ebony scans all their content to target each article by ad campaign. Being able to run reports across all their content allows Ebony to have specific keyword discussions with advertisers often increasing inventory by over 20% by adjusting the negative keyword list by one or two terms. It also increases CPMs as advertisers are ensured articles meet their brand safety standards.

Being the leader in black voices gives Ebony the opportunity to syndicate their content on third-party partner sites. PubPortal's built-in feed generator manages custom feeds with unique content for each partner and extends Ebony's direct ad campaigns across a network of sites.

PubPortal's is integrated with AdGrid, to manage rich media across their site and partners, programmatic bidding and their syndication agreements.

Ebony also takes advantage of the PubPortal's Affiliate Database to manage their multiple affiliate deals and populate products across the site and even allows products to be put into the Syndication widget.

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