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Chris Yang

One Love - Education Center

Learning Management System with custom learning plan generator for educators. 

In order to meet the unprecedented demand to teach high-school and college students how to have healthy relationships, One Love needed to switch from manual online training to a self-serve platform in order to scale.

Sourcetop worked with One Love to create a two part platform that first, trained educators through videos and quizzes. Then second, gave them tools to host workshops.

Before teaching a workshop educators must watch an overview video explaining One Love and its basic course material. After a passing score on the final test users can teach the basic workshop, but are also given additional classes to further their knowledge and unlock more course material.

To host the workshops we created a custom lesson plan generator taking into account grade level, available time and topics to teach. The platform will generate a plan to fit their need but also allow adjustments to fine-tune for each session.

Since launch the Education Center has become the catalyst to spread One Love to thousands of schools and colleges across the US. One Love is now the largest

Over 100 million people reached online through educational video content.
One Love

Custom Lesson Plan

Custom Lesson Plan output with corresponding course materials.