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College Board / Completion Agenda

Ten-years of AP data distilled into the ultimate destination for educators, policy wonks and lawmakers.

The Challenge

The College Board conducted a ten-year study of all AP subjects, including gender and race/ethnicity breakdowns, as well as the percentage and number of examinees at each AP score point for each state. The end-product consisted of multiple data files, papers and unrelated data. They needed a way to easily communicate the results and allow educators and lawmakers ways to review, compare and download results at a high-level or granular detail.

Sourcetop's Solution

We first reviewed the data and created a matrix of common criteria. All data was imported into a unified database with a back-end editing tool allowing College Board to adjust and refine data points without having to reimport as some data was not finalized. Users can interact with high-level data through a map interface which was great for educators and reporters. For Policy and Lawmakers, we also created a dashboard where they could compare four states relative to each other with all data points exportable for use in their proposals for education funding.

The Result

With the past 10 years of participation and performance of AP course data gathered in one place the site became the go-to place for policymakers and educators for funding and legislation.

Unfortunately the site only had a two-year lifespan and is no longer available.

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