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One Love

Website redesign and system overhaul with added Learning Management System to scale from a regional presence to national footprint.

The One Love Foundation in Honor of Yeardley Love was founded in June 2010. Its mission is to educate, empower and activate young people in a movement to end relationship violence. The Foundation develops compelling educational content that sparks new and novel discussions among workshop participants, inspiring them to work together to affect change in their communities.

One Love’s award-winning film-based, peer-to peer educational workshops have reached over half-a-million young people across the country, and over 100 million have engaged with One Love’s educational campaigns online.

The site was starting to strain with the increased traffic and users had a hard time finding relevant content through the patchwork of updates and retrofitting. Sourcetop was asked to bring One Love to the next level allowing them to scale nationwide.

In the short-term we stabilized the site, resolved Salesforce integrations and streamlined the platform. Concurrently we brought in a design team, mapped out the new site with improved UI, fresh design and planned for a future LMS.

The process of training facilitators (normally high-school and college teachers) was a video conference, often one-on-one, severely limiting their ability to scale. The new LMS has transformed the way they educate with online classes. One Love updated their training materials by breaking up their previous one hour video into segments, adding knowledge checks and quizzes along the way to reinforce learning and letting future facilitators train at their own pace.

We also streamlined conducting workshops letting facilitators plan, start workshops with all relevant materials, track attendees and monitor after workshop engagement.

The new platform has given One Love a foundation for growth.

As a Chief Marketing Officer what I look for in a technology partner is innovation, technical expertise, and great customer service. Sourcetop is by far one of the best agencies I have worked with on my organization’s website relaunch to the development of a new learning management platform, they deliver stellar work every single time!
Monica Rowe
Chief Marketing Officer
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