Sourcetop shines

EOS Energy Enterprises

Helping a clean energy storage company go public.

The Challenge
With an imminent IPO, Eos needed a new site and investment portal that educated investors on their clean energy storage solution as well as boost confidence in the company with a cohesive, well thought out user experience associated with public firms.

Sourcetop’s Solution
We built the new site using modern responsive templates with an independent header, menu and footer to allow for easy export. We then gave those to the investment portal firm, and worked with them to apply to their platform. Users navigate between the two platforms unaware they are on two separate platforms. The back-end allows Eos to modify the site automatically publishing content in multiple areas of the site for easy management.

The site launch was coordinated to coincide with the IPO at 9:30 am when the market opened. With a real-time stock ticker and integrated investor portal users swarmed the site with no interruptions. The stock rose 11% on first day of trading and the site has been the single source of all financial and marketing information for the company.