Sourcetop sails

Tod's Point

Modernizing a regional sailing school with online booking, scheduling, inventory and payment.

The historic Chimes Building at Tod’s Point in Old Greenwich has been a storied home to community sailing programs for generations of Greenwich residents. In earlier times it has operated under the stewardship of The Young Mariners, Old Greenwich Yacht Club, the Parks and Recreation Department, and today by the non-profit organization, Tod’s Point Sailing School.

The new ownership decided to move from a paper-based registration, to a full-blown online store for course registration, inventory, rentals and private lessons. With costs a concern, Sourcetop built their new site using off-the-shelf solutions with all the advanced features within four weeks.

Customers create family accounts to keep track of their child’s lessons for appropriate placement next year. An employee based iPad interface allows on the spot rentals and private lessons with a credit card terminal connection. Digital consent forms are securely stored. Boat and instructor scheduling is centrally managed.

Most importantly though, the camp runs smoothly to focus on kids having fun while safely learning to sail.