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The Brace Life

The Brace Life

Workout app and tracker with live events, prerecorded courses, groups and journal.

Robert Brace, former ballet dancer and celebrity trainer – better known as the Mind, Body and Soul Connector –  came to us wanting an app that captured his unique lifestyle program.

Robert considers wellness a fully connected experience and devised a ritual and routine around three daily touch points.

Each day users start with a motivational message and prompts for mediation (Mind), workouts (Body) and journaling (Soul). With a touch users can restart a course where they left off, or choose a session from a list of pre-selected options. When completing each segment they are prompted to make a journal entry for future reference. All their actively is recorded in the master journal for them to review, reflect and repeat again. As they progress the app tracks their performance and motivates them with badges and progress levels.

Users dashboard tracks their progress and makes it easy to keep streaks going.

Live sessions include chat and allow private groups to interact with each other during the session. Groups can also selectively share journal entries to comment and discuss through the app as they complete their health journey together.

We suggested a PWA for rapid deployment and lower costs plus it makes it easy for users to stream the sessions on their phone, tablet, desktop and TV.

The platform allows the Brace team to easily add sessions, courses and manage the community. With the flexible payment gateway they offer a wide-range of options from free trials, monthly subscriptions, one-time courses, affiliate links, coupons, private classes and even custom programs to augment in-house corporate health benefits.