Sourcetop delights
Photo by Scott Webb

Texas Health Aetna

Driving health care membership through an interactive virtual fairground

The Challenge
COVID-19 required cancelling the annual in-person health care open enrollment fairs. These public and company hosted events drove the majority of new membership signups so Texas Health Aetna needed a solution that would attract new members and explain the benefits of their health care plan. Competition is fierce during the narrow time window that members can switch plans, so it also had to stand out compared to their competitors.

Sourcetop’s Solution
Dappersmith recommended an online fairground with booths and games to highlight the main advantages of the plan. They wanted interactive games where users could collect tickets and then cash them in for a monthly raffle. We built a platform for them with videos, an interactive map and custom games with animations that give users virtual tickets on completion.

On arrival, users enter their email giving Texas Health Aetna leads for follow up campaigns. Users go through the fair learning about the plan benefits as they interact with each booth. At the end users drop their tickets into three barrels for monthly raffle drawings. The winners are automatically chosen at the end of the month by the system through a random drawing.

The Results
Texas Health Aetna drove prospects to the new site with a general public marketing campaign, as well as co-sponsored emails for existing clients. Each month Texas Health Aetna acquires hundreds of new leads and signs up new members without needing to attend in-person events.