Sourcetop collects

Fora Financial

Uniting two static sites on a single adaptive platform, streamlined for impactful SEO and lead generation.

The Challenge

Fora Financial required a complete rebuild of both their sites, but wanted to keep the original designs. This well-established player in the working capital space had built their brand around their distinctive websites, one customer-facing; the other for partners. However, these existing sites were not adaptive to mobile devices and other non-desktop screens; and much of their content was repetitive, serving no purpose in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Fora sought fixes for these issues, and as well as implementation of new site features.

Sourcetop’s Solution

We began by combining both Fora’s sites within a single user interface (UI) and wireframe. This new design maintained the division between customers and partners, while eliminating the repetitive content. Next, we built out unique content types to make managing investments, news, blog posts and videos much simpler. Instead of paying external vendors to add and maintain site content, Fora’s admins can now easily handle those tasks internally, with minimal time investment.

Our new site design retained the overall look and feel of Fora’s previous sites, but accommodated new features with a versatile responsive grid. Fora’s admins can now create new pages in a modular visual composer, which greatly simplifies tasks like the creation of custom landing pages for new marketing initiatives. In addition to user-friendly visual composition, each landing page’s tracking codes, SEO-specific fields, redirects and other attributes can easily be managed from a central control panel.

We also implemented an online loan calculator, which enables visitors to estimate their loan payments, using sliders to adjust their monthly revenue, time in business and average ledger. The calculator automatically analyzes the settings of these sliders in a backend matrix, generating a dollar amount for each loan payment.

Fora’s site required a range of backend integrations with third-party tools like Salesforce, Google, MailChimp, and custom tracking services; as well as tie-ins with Fora’s internal loan approval platform and call center software. We completed all these backend integrations as part of our design process, ensuring that Fora’s admins can now easily surface data across every touchpoint, in order to track customers throughout their entire life cycles.

The Results

Prior to our rebuild of Fora’s site, they had already worked with their SEO form to develop a new strategy, aimed at ensuring that the site would retain the authority it had built up over many years of content production. With the help of our non-redundant restructuring and targeted SEO tracking, Fora’s site is now ranked higher than ever, and remains highly adaptive to evolving marketing needs.

The loan calculator tool alone increased applications by 300 percent, and drove a 500 percent increase in lead generation. As a result, Fora has retained Sourcetop as a key web development partner, relying on us to develop and roll out a variety of new features. For example, we recently added personal URLs (PURLs) for unique user pages. These pages pull in customer data from SalesForce to auto-populate custom banner content, copy and video case studies, based on the user’s location and other relevant attributes; creating a unique user profile that automatically grows as the customer continues to engage with Fora’s page content. All data gathered from these custom pages is then automatically fed back into SalesForce, as well as Fora’s internal call center software, creating a “closed loop” of data around each customer lifecycle.