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First Eagle Investment Management

Combining three marketing sites, intranet and client portal with custom Excel importing system.

The client wanted to eliminate redundant data, create a consistent user experience and make maintenance simpler.

The site is divided into sections based on User Types with global elements that span all disciplines. With fund data spread across the disciplines we built a custom chart database where, on a quarterly basis, First Eagle uploads Excel sheets that are parsed and populate all the chart and finance data used throughout the site — including driving their clients' personal investment portfolio dashboard. This system allows them to update all the numbers in a consistent way with a single upload. The Excel sheets are also tied to InDesign documents that produce the PDFs used on the site ensuring all data is in-sync.

Most chart and fund data is interactive giving users the ability to dive deeper into the numbers and all legal copy on the fund pages are dynamically generated based on data shown on the page. Like the central chart database, we built a legal definition repository where, again, one update ripples throughout the system.

High-net-worth clients have a secure login area to view their quarterly statements, personal investments and First Eagle personal contact information.

For compliance we installed Workbench which is a change management and audit trail plugin. This tracks all changes to all data since the launch of the site. It manages content workflow where some Users can write and edit content but need to go through approval before going live.

The intranet leverages the same templates for templates but the content is much different. When employees log-in to their desktop we use SAML for Single Sign-On giving them seamless access. Users are greeted with internal announcements, news and access to fund data and searchable documents. A special section was later created for disaster recovery that resides on a separate hosting environment with all internal contacts and procedures needed in case of various emergencies.

The system is hosted on redundant set-ups in two data centers. In addition, First Eagle hosts a staging server internally where all content updates are made, reviewed and pushed to the live environment on approval.

Amazon (AWS)