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Revolt TV

Moving from a limited blog platform to a custom publishing ecosystem.

The Challenge

Revolt.TV is the online space for the unapologetic, authoritative voice of Hip Hop culture, urban entertainment, and social justice.

To stay on top of the latest news and events they publish constantly throughout the day with a strong social presence driving users to the site. With a heavy reliance on video and TV-type shows Revolt TV’s existing platform was geared towards simple blog posts. Users had a hard time engaging with follow-on content as series were not presented as a unified group.

They needed a better way to publish, increase their ad footprint and keep user’s engaged.

Sourcetop's Solution

While the new site design was underway we set-up our Common Platform to migrate all existing content with scripts to remap tags, updated taxonomy, merge sections and reorganize video into a new Watch section geared toward video user engagement.

Our Common Platform comes with pre-built post types, video players, social APIs, integrated AdGrid, e-commerce and ties into analytics, CRM and marketing systems. Clients just need to focus on design and content.

The Results

Editors publish new content with drag and drop widgets giving them flexibility - yet keeping within the overall design for desktop and mobile. Using AdGrid the ad team can manage both direct and programmatic advertising in real-time inserting new custom ads for custom direct buys without the need for development. Revolt reuses their content through feeds for video streaming also integrated with advertising.

Overall user engagement is up with longer site visits, more page views along with more ad revenue.

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