Sourcetop revitalizes

The New Yankee Workshop

Relaunching a beloved TV show with a fan focused ecommerce website, YouTube channel, affiliate products and email marketing.

The New Yankee Workshop ran for 21 seasons from 1989 until 2010. This Old House had managed the brand under their paid membership program but it limited the audience to a small sub-section of users. When This Old House was purchased by Roku The New Yankee Workshop was left without a home and needed help finding a new business model.

Sourcetop gathered all the digital assets and created a YouTube channel exposing the show to a new audience and reconnecting with old fans. We then updated the digital plans, built a new website making plans easier to find, purchase and manage. All YouTube videos were then linked to the corresponding plans driving new customers.

To qualify as "new content", and allow advertising on YouTube, Sourcetop is using AI software to remaster popular projects up to HD quality. The results are nothing short of spectacular with viewers amazed at the upscaled results.


Want to thank everyone who has been involved with bringing The New Yankee Workshop to YouTube. Used to try watching episodes on the old website a couple years ago but could never get the player to work on my devices. I really appreciate the work you're doing, especially rendering select episodes into much better quality HD. Those episodes that have been rendered so far look fantastic.

Once a month new videos are posted with the star, Norm Abram, and creator, Russ Morash, giving users behind the scene looks and tours down memory lane. These videos not only keep the audience engaged but drive advertising revenue through increased views across all videos.


To further engage with fans we created a Community section that allows users to post photos of their completed project with a short story that can be shared on social media.

Finally, select Affiliate products have been added through Amazon, with relevant products and tools displayed along with each product adding to the various revenue streams. 

The New Yankee Workshop went from a brand on life-support to one of the most popular woodworking channels on YouTube in three months. In addition to saving the video hosting fees associated with a private membership program, monthly revenue has jumped 5X with increased plan sales, YouTube advertising and Affiliate product marketing revenue.

The best part is Norm and Russ have been reinvigorated by the surge in popularity of the show, and while they have no plans to come out of their well-earned retirement, they enjoy reminiscing once a month to film and reconnect with fans.