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Delivery breaking news from hundreds of news sources with AI, human editors and custom feeds.

Knewz is a fast-paced, breaking news aggregator offering readers diversity and choice by pulling stories from a range of perspectives from publications large and small, liberal and conservative, niche and general, located in all 50 states and across the globe.

Knewz uses PubPortal with a custom Topic post type. Editors choose multiple articles from a wide array of third-party feeds creating a curated story with multiple points of view. Users can then explore in more depth on each article either directly on Knewz or on third-party partner sites.

To help with the creation of Topic Summaries, SEO snippets, external feeds and social posts, the collection of articles for each Topic is automatically fed into an AI Summary tool to generate two versions. Editors select which version they prefer or edit one if necessary. Each used snippet is fed back into the AI tool constantly train the platform.

To drive traffic, Knewz publishes their Topics and articles through PubPortal's feed generator. This allows each third-party site (MSN, Apple News, etc.) to have custom content based on categories, tags, date or even popularity based on Google Analytics. Editors can create custom feeds without the need for any developers quickly giving them the ability to create new partnerships.