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Multi-site full stack ad management platform

AdGrid allows publishers to seamlessly manage their ad stack in realtime.

For large publishers with constant pressure to deliver the best ad experience, waiting for code pushes to make updates means lost revenue and missed opportunities. AdGrid works in realtime for full control of even the smallest details.

AdGrid can control one site or hundreds. For clients with a suite of sites, AdGrid allows them to make global changes or fine-tune very specific settings for each entity. From dynamic ad injection for last minute media buys to adding and removing SSPs in realtime with no code pushes, AdGrid serves the ultra-competitive digital advertising community.


ad injection

Dynamic native ad injection
One of the most powerful features is the ability to add new slots for last minute buys. Any style, any location.


Easy ad stack management
If there’s an ad causing you problems just turn off the partner immediately. Add new partners just as easily.

Ad Grid has exceeded all our expectations. Implementation was quick and painless, which was a welcome surprise for our executive team. Resulting in an overall lift of 110% at a time when all sites are trending downwards, we are now racing to install AdGrid across all our properties.
Jeremy Zimmerman
Global Head of Programmatic & Ad Operations, Motorsport Network
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