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Modernizing a full-service hospitality organization with strategic thinking, new system design and mobile touchpoints.

From corporate board rooms, to renowned stadiums and the grandest horse race of them all, Amerivents staffs some of the world's most prestigious events. The Fortune 500, US Open Tennis, Kentucky Derby and the PGA Championship call on Amerivents to manage thousands of hospitality staff and they needed to move their clients from paper call sheets to a digital app solution. However, what started as an add-on app project - quickly turned into a full-on digital business transformation to support their vision.

Keeping the mobile app in mind we mapped the ideal process, from quickly disseminating assignments to relevant Talent (Bartenders, Waiters, etc.), allowing them to accept or decline, rethinking the check-in and out process, and giving the Client the ability to monitor and approve timesheets when done. To support this functionality it required heavy modifications to the current system, adding new roles and training tools to successfully switch to an entirely new way of doing business.

Amerivents started with a basic site to manage booking talent and a mostly manual off-line process during the event. After the digital transformation Amerivents staff can now focus their time and energy on finding and nurturing talent, streamlining events for their clients and maintaining the quality touch needed to succeed in this fast-paced business.

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