Sourcetop drives


Creating a robust event management platform that complies with stricter European security standards.

The Challenge

Ferrari required a custom event management system for races, dealer events, ride and drives, and driving schools. They also needed an iPad app for ride and drive car assignment, as well as a mobile app that enabled race and dealer event customers to check in by scanning a bar code. This entire system needed to be fully compliant with stricter European Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard requirements.

Sourcetop’s Solution

Ferrari wanted their events site to be built in WordPress (their corporate standard), based on the look and feel of their main site. However, because WordPress is not PII compliant, we built a separate user database to handle sensitive data. And because the standard WordPress / gateway is not PCI compliant, we built a custom payment gateway to keep all data off the server.

The Results

Ferrari now uses this events site as the primary portal for all races, rides and other events. The system has kept customers’ data secure, in full compliance with the latest data standards.

iOS / Android
Amazon (AWS)