Sourcetop proliferates

Project M

Leveraging PubPortal across music and alternative culture brands for passionate consumers

The Project M Group acquires media properties with highly engaged enthusiasts focused around the vibrant realm of alternative culture. With iconic brands such as Alternative Press, Brooklyn Vegan, Invisible Oranges and Revolver Magazine their move to PubPortal allows them unparalleled scalability on a common platform with content creators having access to multiple sites at once.

PubPortal’s dynamic ecosystem intelligently cross-pollinates content from sibling sites based on the target page, encouraging users to check out the tapestry of content from the entire ecosystem.

Project M photographers capture the essence of events like Coachella and the Summer Jam Festival through hundreds of images. To help manage these complex events Sourcetop worked with editors and writers to upgrade the gallery module and tagging system allowing them to make mass updates and focus on telling the stories of the day.

We are currently moving all their sites over to PubPortal, but check out the ones already there:
Alt Press
Brooklyn Vegan
Invisible Oranges
Revolver Magazine