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Site redesign, social media integration, and booking tool for a leading performance company.

The Challenge

This performance group sought a complete brand refresh, keeping some of their iconic brand elements while overhauling many aspects of their online image. They wanted to engage audiences more directly via the social media content created by each performer – and they also needed a new digital-first booking system, to replace their outdated phone-based booking funnel.

Sourcetop’s Solution

We began by building a new site on Drupal, a content management platform well-equipped to handle the demands of complex interactive publishing. This new site features embedded video content from Vimeo, as well as dynamic ads from DFP.

The new site features content from each performer’s Twitter and Instagram feeds, enabling visitors to interact directly with performers in real time, without ever leaving the site. With the help of streaming video from the latest shows, this social media content helps to put a clear face on Chippendales’ online brand.

And to optimize Chippensales’ booking funnel, we build an online “Girlfriend Converter” tool, which enables live show and event attendees to organize their friends’ bookings on-site, and immediately complete the booking online once all attendees are signed up.

The Results

Chippendales’ enhanced brand presence has drawn many new visitors to the redesigned website, while the real-time Twitter and Instagram content has strongly increased engagement and time-on-site. The “Girlfriend Converter” tool has driven an increase in completed bookings.

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