Sourcetop promotes

Fresenius Kabi / Blood Collectors Week

Implementing an information portal and marketing center for blood drives across the nation.

The Challenge

One of the worlds’ leading health care companies, Fresenius Kabi, needed a data collection and planning site to promote their annual blood drive for phlebotomists, apheresis operators, and all those who support the blood collection process in neighborhoods across the nation.

Sourcetop’s Solution

We implemented a WordPress site that enables center operators to easily input data, obtain marketing materials, and access event coordination calendars and other resources. Once a representative of a center has registered an account on the site, they can manage all data related to their blood drive, and view a national map of related resources.

Users can share inspirational stories, and retweet a curated Twitter feed for ready-made campaigns. We also provided MailChimp integration, enabling Fresenius’s marketing team to orchestrate email marketing to users who sign up on the site.

The Results

This site launched with more than 27,000 users in 247 centers dedicated to the annual blood drive. All Fresenius representatives now use the site to coordinate their efforts and access relevant data. The Twitter and MailChimp campaign has also proven successful, driving stronger engagement and brand awareness across the country.

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