Sourcetop listens

Fresenius Kabi / CATSmart

Interactive product launch and educational site for continuous-flow blood processing technology machine.

The Challenge

Fresenius Kabi's proprietary continuous flow CATSmart centrifuge system is a completely new way to simultaneously separate, wash, and pack red cells. The revolutionary product is faster, quieter and smarter than the current methods and they needed a way to not only promote the system but to let user's see the difference.

Sourcetop's Solution

The new site uses interactive modules, videos and promotes live events for their audience to fully experience the new product.

Sourcetop created the site to work locally on an iPad so the sales team can show prospects the interactive features even without a WiFi connection, which is often difficult in a hospital environment. When the sales team has a connection, the latest changes automatically sync, so real-time information like events are always up to date.


Since launch CATSmart has grown exponentially with the website serving as the main sales tool.

Instead of booth bound users sitting at a screen, the sales team started to use the iPads at trade shows for a more personal experience. All leads are stored locally and synced to the CRM at day’s end.