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Live Chat

Connecting digital audiences to live events.

Sourcetop Chat is a discussion plugin that works with any live video streaming service allowing viewers to ask questions and interact with presenters. This standalone service is a step above traditional live streaming which can quickly degenerate into chaos. Behind the scenes the Producer and Host views create a tightly knit package to professionally and efficiently manage live interactive events.

Private, live events are cited as one of the most popular features of paid membership programs driving enrollment and keeping users returning each billing period.

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User View

Users can ask questions, show some emotion or just give a shout out directly from the native site with existing brand and styles. Control each event with permissions for members only or let guests attend after filling out a lead-generation form. The Discussion Thread lets everyone follow along with the rest of the audience, moderators and hosts.

Producer view

Rather than a firehose of comments the Producer view let's moderators organize, edit and manage the comments on a single dashboard.

Comments can be given a little nip and tuck before going to the Host screen with users still seeing the original. Drag and drop comments to keep the conversation flowing smoothly and send private alerts to the Hosts for talking points or time prompts.

Producers can also post directly to the User Discussion Thread which is great for links to a recipe being discussed, website resources or just some heads up information.

Host view

There's a lot going on when hosting an event so the Host view is streamlined to keep things focused. It adapts to any screen but was designed for a tablet for mobility and one hand use. Large "Cue Card" type comments makes reading clear and Hosts can self-manage the feed if needed.

Producer alerts come and go but a readily available prompt and countdown clock make it easy to keep on schedule.

If you are interested in using Sourcetop Chat just give us a shout.

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