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Northwell / Informed Choices

Decision aid for patients with Advanced Stage Cystic Fibrosis (CF) as well as their caregivers, families, and physicians.

Patients with advanced stage CF have two major choices when their condition worsens: use a breathing tube or obtain a lung transplant. Each choice is life changing and this tool was created to stimulate conversations with loved ones and doctors about options, preferences and ultimately a decision.

We built a custom Survival Estimates Calculator which can calculate estimated outcomes based on over 25 criteria over the next three-year period. Since each criteria impacts the others in a non-linear way simple mathematical equations were impossible to use. Instead we wrote a complex matrix tool that goes through each criteria generating the ultimate results.

While the calculator is the main feature the site also offers user story podcasts with transcripts, a knowledge library with detailed information, links to resources and legal forms if needed.

The system is web-based but often used with a doctor or nurse as a guide.